Can I eat The Gingerbread House?

yesterday I headed to the Farmer’s market for some fruit. one of Camiseta Athletic Bilbao the farmers had a pet dog and Bingo was his name-o pointed out that the market is closed until Jan 6th! I’m happy I got some good sampling in before that  

Actually, I get grapes and eat them while walking around.
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After the market I stopped in TJ’s for lunch. brown Rice California rolls help satisfy a sushi craving (for now).

Then, I headed to my mom’s to humiliate my dogs.

At least I took off the costumes to take them for a walk.

 I threw together some quick pizzas for dinner before my fun project…

The reason I was there was to make a Gingerbread house with my little brother. I gotten this kit at Trader Joe’s this week.

It is incredibly easy to use and put together! All you need to add is one egg white and a few drops of vinegar. (We added a lot Camiseta Newcastle United of other candy because it doesn’t come with that much.)

It has a little family too! But, I don’t really get who the lady with the cane is meant to be?

I set it up and Matt and I got to work decorating.

A piece of our tree was missing. I tried to convince Matt a branch fell off in the storm, but he wasn’t getting it.

I blame Bailey.


I grabbed a glass of milk and was ready to eat this thing!

The first thing I wondered when I gotten this kit was, “Are you really able to eat it though?!” Yes! I say if there is nutrition information on the back they figure you’re going to eat it.

But, my mommy made white chocolate macadamia nut cookies for us instead. I’m not a big fan of this kind of cookie, but they were warm out of the oven and I couldn’t stop myself from eating 5 of them, plus eggnog and some ice cream(!).

The cookies, coupled with the tree branch candy decorations left me feeling excessively full and bloated. I felt like ish for a second then realized so lots of other bloggers have been in similar circumstances this season – not that it makes it okay, but it makes it normal.

It’s not like there is something wrong with me for eating too lots of cookies. This is the time of year with a ton of temptations – and I need a game plan before I go into it or this happens to me. lots of people over eat at a holiday party or when freshly baked cookies are around. The crucial is to realize it’s normal and get back on the healthy balance wagon the next day (NOT fall into a binge until Dec 31st like I’ve done in years past).

If you’ve had issues with food in the past you might think overeating at a party equals a relapse or a binge or a step backwards. This isn’t necessarily true. When I was seeing R.D. Tribole (and author of the Intuitive eating book) she pointed out that people with no history of food issues overeat on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not that it’s healthy, but that it’s normal. (She also said no one eats ice cream because they’re hungry, which kinda changed my life.)

What do you think? Is it “acceptable” to overeat at a party or while baking cookies? how do you keep yourself from overeating while baking or at a party?



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