Catalina Marathon recap results video as well as Tequila.

How’s it going??

I made a extremely short as well as wonderful sweaty video Camiseta FC Tokyo recap of the Catalina Marathon (below). however very first I wished to share a few of the fun as well as randomness that happened…
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My charming spouse in the Pysch Ward: A Memoir – book Review
My charming spouse in the Pysch Ward : A Memoir
by mark Lukach

Audio book evaluation of the very best selling memoir released 2017.

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I’m sharing a quick evaluation of the book offered on Audible.

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A heart-wrenching yet hopeful memoir of a young marriage that is redefined by mental health problem as well as affirms the power of love.

Mark as well as Giulia’s life together began as a fairy-tale romance. They fell in like at Camiseta Kashima Antlers eighteen, got married at twenty-four, as well as started their dream life in San Francisco soon after. however when Giulia was twenty-seven, she experienced a scary as well as unforeseen psychotic break that landed her in the psych ward for almost a month. someday she was lively as well as well adjusted; the next, she was delusional as well as suicidal, persuaded that her liked ones were not safe.

What book or podcast are you listening to now??

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If you’re just catching up – I ran the Catalina Marathon Saturday. <- inspect out my recap / results there. After the race I went back to the rental home to shower as well as relax. We Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Alemania stayed in a little home that is a best place from the race surface line as well as dock. In the morning it was a 5 minute walk to the boat.

I ate as well as put my feet up for a while to relax. I wished to take a nap, however my body couldn’t clear up down sufficient to autumn asleep.

I hit up the store for some chocolate milk as well as they were out – however they did have this chocolate/coffee milk combo.

Finally we rallied as well as got prepared to go out. Sportin’ my Catalina Marathon Medal.

It’s really a extremely awesome clay piece created by a regional artist, Robin Cassidy.

We ended up having to get food to go from The Lobster Trap since people were coming over soon.

Someone brought Oreo truffles. God Bless them.

Then, this happened.

Renee as well as I snuck out for a lot more tequila. Twice.

The next morning I was sore as well as dehydrated, however doing well all things thought about

The method to my heart:

But I opted out of the tequila sunrise breakfast special, as well as I went in browse of iced coffee…

Peeked at the marathon results on the wall of one of the stores…

Finally it was time to state good-bye to Catalina Island as well as get on the boat back to long Beach.

I needed donuts on the method home.

And all was ideal with the world.

Catalina Marathon recap Video

Question: Cake Donuts or Yeast Donuts (the fluffy ones)?

I’m really a glazed fluffy donut woman (and got one of those too!!) however I wished to try that blueberry one as well as it was awesome.



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