Operation Microwave fail

Hello!! How’s it going? Over here it’s going good! I’m very busy eating all the watermelon in America and trying to get my life together. The usual.

But before we get into another love letter to watermelon I have a big CONFESSION…
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Remember last week I was painting my kitchen and said I would be living without a microwave for 10 Days? I called it Operation: live without a Microwave because I am incredibly lazy both with naming things and certainly with heating food.


I failed.

The old microwave was on the patio and I ended up plugging it in and using it several times. One time I made popcorn on my patio at 11pm Camiseta Valencia at night while on the phone… so my neighbors probably heard both the popcorn popping and me discuss to my pal that my micro was on the patio and there was a June bug near it… then, hear me yell as that June bug tries to jump into the microwave!!!!

Note to you: Be thankful you’re not my neighbor and/or my pal who has to pretend like this behavior is normal because you still need me to cut your watermelon.

I’m very thrilled about a few food things best now and wanted to share…

First – I found this granola at the 99 Cent store. It is outstanding and um… only 99 cents!! I’ve been putting it on smoothies, eating the big chunks whenever and now it’s pretty much gone. The end.

The bulk bins at any/all stores that have bulk bins are still my favorite. I love being able to get a few delicious candies. If I purchase a whole container they will be gone within 24 hours no matter how big the package.

Avocado on all the things!

I feel like I’m choosing what to eat lately based on what I can put avocado on (which is essentially everything except cereal).

I went over to my mom’s yesterday and proceeded to eat all her food. She makes the best tuna. Is that weird?

Does that kinda say she isn’t the best cook because I feel like this is noteworthy??

This just occurred to me. Oh well, I already wrote it so I’m gonna roll with it.

In addition to the above average tuna, she had a watermelon just waiting for me to cut. I offer watermelon cutting services to all my family and one friend.

And watermelon cutting isn’t my only skill – I’m also good at eating and knowing what to purchase at restaurants!

First… always get a margarita.

For me. Then, purchase yourself whatever you want, thanks.


If you are at a place that makes handcrafted tortillas – purchase a side of them to eat with salsa or guacamole (with the chips/salsa you get when you sit down). Trust.

The rest is less important, but this salad was actually outstanding and packed with tons of veggies and pepitas and cotija cheese.

Dessert was a warm brownie with ice cream  made with abuelita chocolate. It was so outstanding I didn’t take a picture.

But I did manage a picture of the Pacific ocean minutes before a big wave came and wet my dress…

Note the Band-Aid I’m sporting on my knee… my scraped knee is still healing and looks kinda gross best now.

Question: Are you good at any random / house / cooking / craft thing?

Me: cutting watermelon!

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