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The summer after high school I became vegetarian (and vegan for a bit). since then I was 90% vegetarian until last January when I decided to try and increase my protein intake (yes, I realize you can do that without animal products I chose not to for many reasons we’ll talk about it later).

Anyways, I have been vegetarian longer than not, so my best dishes are veggie ones. I think the best dinner I can make is an Asian stir-fry. I make it different every time but it always has – tofu, veggies and a sauce.
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Today I used Nasoya’s Sprouted tofu plus. The company sent me coupons to try their products.

I realized after taking this picture that it is technically expired. If I die before I wake, please God step on the brake!

I stir-fried the veggies and tofu with coconut oil. Then, added a sauce of soy sauce, PB, agave and chili.

This is my favorite dinner at home!

My sweet tooth will not be stopped, but I don’t have any ‘real’ treats. I made due with this crunch bar I got from the race. It’s good, but I still need to find the world’s best chocolate chip cookie!! I’m thinking about holding a best Choc Chip Cookie contest where you send me your baked goods and Camiseta Club Tijuana I judge the winner. Chubby? Genius? Yes.

If you like tofu and/or want to learn more about how to cook it check out Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Serbia their Tofu U site. You can take their tofu pledge and get a coupon.

Giveaway: Nasoya is giving one lucky RER reader 5 free products and a t-shirt!

To enter: Leave a comment with your signature dish. *This giveaway is closed.

Contest open to us residents only. ends 12/13/11 4pm PST.



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